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The Reason of Choosing Group Name

Welcome to our blog. In this post we will give the reason of choosing group name which is We Need Money.

Well, our group was made spontaneously but that doesn't mean that our group didn't have a reason why we chose that name. We absolutely we have a reason why we chose We Need Money as the name of our group beside it's cool name (or so we thought).

The reason why we chose "We Need Money" as the name of group is because we understand that money is one of the essential things in business. In running a business or company, we need to use money. Without money, the business or company would not run very well.

As now we're learning about Finance Management, and we understand that money is an essential thing in business. In this chance, we want to learn more about how useful money is in business. We also want to learn how to handle, and allocate money well and wisely in running a business and company, so we can use the money in our own business or company very well someday for the better future.

(Editor note: it is essentially similar, if not the same, as the meaning of our group's name)

The Meaning of Group Name

Welcome to our blog, In this post we will give the meaning of our group name which is We Need Money.

Well, our group was made spontaneously but that doesn't mean that our group didn't have a meaning. We chose the name of our group as We Need Money spontaneously, but we also considered about the meaning of the name besides it was a cool name (in our opinion).

The meaning of We Need Money is that money is one of the essential elements in management and finance. Just imagine about the people who run the company or organization. Without money, for sure those people would get so many obstacles and the company would not run well. To fulfill the needs and to grow the company, we need to buy supplies, equipments, and maybe we need to go to the capital market, and to do all of those things we need money. Ok, let's talk about the beginning, when people want to start a business and company, they absolutely need money. Without money, all of those things will be so difficult to be done. So, we realize that money is an essential thing in management and finance, that's why we choose our group name as "We Need Money".

We also consider that this subject is about Finance Management. So beside we need money in business, we also need to know how to use and handle the money very well; it would be useless if we don't know how to use, and handle money very well and wisely. This is a good chance for us, where we know that money is one of the essential things in business, we also realize that we need to know how to use, handle and allocate money well and wisely. So, as we named our group "We Need Money", we also want to learn in this subject (Finance Management) about how to use, handle and allocate money very well and wisely for developing the business to the good, or even better, direction.

So, the point is that the meaning of our group is when people want to start or run a company, people need money, and money is one of the essential elements in business.

Magdalena Yusuf's Profile

Born in midnight of July 23rd, 1997 in Tasikmalaya, West Java, she is studying in Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta in accounting (under her parents' request while seeking her passion). Wishing to graduate (quite) quickly and with good grades to make her parents proud/happy (returning the favor for a bit...).
Her hobbies are listening to music (especially games soundtracks), and storywriting (currently on hiatus due to lack of sufficient free time AKA busy-ness). Is self-learning Japanese and violin (also on hiatus), and dreams of studying abroad in Japan (field of study is unknown) to bring back the knowledge to Indonesia. Very much loves fiction stories (so far), and role-playing. Her imagination is (a little) too active. Some times working "part-time" (which aren't exactly part-time jobs) as background music editor, story editor, or voice actress for her friends' (whom she befriended during high school) performances.

Mery's Profile

Mery is a 19 year-old girl, and is still studying in Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University, and she took Management as her major. She had a dream to be a person who is successful in business, can be a grace for the others and people around her and always be grateful about what we have and about what we achieved because process will not betray the result.

Valentina Christiani's Profile

My name is Valentina Christiani Kusumo. I was born in Yogyakarta on February 11th, 1997. I am the firstborn, and I only have a younger brother. Our age difference is only by a year. I began schooling when I was 6 years old in SD Tarakanita Bumijo. After I graduated from SD Tarakanita in 2009, I continued in SMP Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta. Then in 2012, I continued in SMA Stella Duce 1.

At SMA Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta, I felt a different thing there because there I got knowledge and learned that all of the students are female. At first I thought it would be boring, but after time flew, I felt happy and I enjoyed it, I got new experiences. After I graduated from SMA Stella Duce 1 in 2015, I continued my study in Atma Jaya Yogyakarta Universisty. My major is Management.

I joined HMPSM and I always active in every event. I am the kind of person who is active, cheerful, but sometimes I still like to be moody. Sometimes I feel sad, sometimes I feel angry, sometimes I am hungry, sometimes I feel happy, yeah just like that.

Rio Ageng Surya's Profile

Hello, my name is Lorencius Ruiz Rio Ageng Suryo. I came from Tirtomoyo, Wonogiri. My home is near Kahyangan. I still feel tired because everyday i must go back and forth between Solo and Jogja. I always go by Pramexs Train, costing 16,000 rupiah every day for the ticket because I don’t have my mother's permission to stay in a boarding house in Jogja. I have permission if I buy a house, so I'm still searching...

I’m a guitarist of the (former) Best Player Gudang Garam 2013, and is still active in Grand Quality Hotel. I’m not single anymore, because I have my lovely...ooooooohhh...hehehehe,,yeaahhhh, since two years ago. Her name is Clara (mumumumu_love_love), she and her family are my second family when I had schooled at SMA Saint Joseph Solo. With her, I who was previously an egoist, selfish, ignorant boy who also wanted to win by himself...changed to not selfish, not ignorant person, I may share with my friends, etc. I'm trustable, determined person, and independent person. I like perfection in my life, etc.; my bedroom, bathroom always clean and tidy, my house is fresh. I doesn't feel comfort when I see something is not clean.

My friends and my sweetheart said that I’m someone who is unpredictable, strange, some times comes and other times not, I always do anything that make me feel spirited, but when I'm faced with something which makes me lazy, I’m so lazy, too. I have motto “Be A Winner in Every Challenge.” My mom and my Father aren't together anymore, They had already decided to live by their own long time ago. But it makes me stronger than before.

I do all this because of my mother, my future that I plan, and her love, and God’s Love. I will not disappoint them. I will make them happy because of me. I love music and sports, I like Bon Jovi and I like Run... I want to travel around world with Run..hehehehehehe....dream came true..(Bebelac...) Maybe someday I can meet with Bon Jovi if he hasn’t passed away yet..heheheehe.  and I can play guitar to accompany him in Concert in New York..hehehe...nonono, I just want to play music and sports to balance, and develop my right and left brain.

Maybe that's my short profile for all. For the details, you can ask me. Thank you. I hope it can motivate people who read it.

Patrick Pahala's Profile

Hey, My name is Patrick Pahala. My friends used to call me Patrick and sometimes they call me Pahala. in Elementary School and Junior High School, mostly my friends called me Pahala. And in High School and University my friends commonly called me Patrick. I come from Belitang, East OKU, South Sumatera. It takes six hours from Palembang (The Capital City of South Sumatera). I was born on March 14 1997 in small village in East OKU that is called Bangun Sari. For my study, I studied at TK Dwi Asih. Then I continued to private school that is named SD Charitas 03. After that I entered public school that is named SMP Negeri 1 Buay Madang Timur. After passed Junior High School period I continued to publick school again, yeah that is SMA Negeri 1 Belitang. And for the next study I studied at University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta.

For my personality I am the person who is eager to achieve what I want. I know, it looks like I am ambitious person but if I have something that I want to reach I will do my best to get that. And I am also the person who is easy going type , I won't do what I don't want or don't need to do but if I need to do it I will make it quick.

For the things I like, I like playing game, playing basketball, playing football and watching movie. In football, I have two clubs which I love so much, those are FC Barcelona and Manchester United. I love Football because of Manchester United but in Grade Sixth at Elementary School I started to like F Barcelona because their style in football was so awesome and in that time they became the winner of UEFA Champions League and they became the first team which be able to get sixthuple (won in six competition in one season), that's very incredible and I got amazed by that. For the Idol in football I like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I know it's weird to like both of them because they are rival in everything in football but honestly I like Football because of Ronaldo too (when he was in Manchaster United) and I also like Lionel Messi's style when he played football.

For the music that I love, I love western music. And the band and musician who I like are Green Day and Owl City. I know their music is in different genre but honestly I like both of them because their songs are cool.

I also have motto in my life, that is "Doing what you Love is the BEST thing ever!!!"

Group Profile

Welcome to our blog (We Need Money), in this post we will give the information about the profile of our group.

This group is named "We Need Money" whose members are Rio, Patrick, Valen, Mery and Lena. We all study in Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta in Faculty of Economy. This group is made because of our college task in Financial Management subject.

Our group was formed on Monday, August 15 2016 at 1:30 P.M., Western Indonesia Time. On that day, we got the task from our lecturer of Financial Management to make a group that is filled by 5 students, and after that my friends (Rio, Lena, Valen and Mery) and I as the writer (Patrick) made a group. On that day, we had made a decision about the name of the group; we agreed that our group would be named as "We Need Money".

At first we got confused about what name we would choose because we didn't have any idea. Then, somehow Patrick said "We Need Money", and then Rio, Valen, Mery and Lena got interested in those words. Finally, we chose that name as the name of our group.

For the meaning of our group name, we will explain in the next post (The Meaning of Our Group Name)

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