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Hello, my name is Lorencius Ruiz Rio Ageng Suryo. I came from Tirtomoyo, Wonogiri. My home is near Kahyangan. I still feel tired because everyday i must go back and forth between Solo and Jogja. I always go by Pramexs Train, costing 16,000 rupiah every day for the ticket because I don’t have my mother's permission to stay in a boarding house in Jogja. I have permission if I buy a house, so I'm still searching...

I’m a guitarist of the (former) Best Player Gudang Garam 2013, and is still active in Grand Quality Hotel. I’m not single anymore, because I have my lovely...ooooooohhh...hehehehe,,yeaahhhh, since two years ago. Her name is Clara (mumumumu_love_love), she and her family are my second family when I had schooled at SMA Saint Joseph Solo. With her, I who was previously an egoist, selfish, ignorant boy who also wanted to win by himself...changed to not selfish, not ignorant person, I may share with my friends, etc. I'm trustable, determined person, and independent person. I like perfection in my life, etc.; my bedroom, bathroom always clean and tidy, my house is fresh. I doesn't feel comfort when I see something is not clean.

My friends and my sweetheart said that I’m someone who is unpredictable, strange, some times comes and other times not, I always do anything that make me feel spirited, but when I'm faced with something which makes me lazy, I’m so lazy, too. I have motto “Be A Winner in Every Challenge.” My mom and my Father aren't together anymore, They had already decided to live by their own long time ago. But it makes me stronger than before.

I do all this because of my mother, my future that I plan, and her love, and God’s Love. I will not disappoint them. I will make them happy because of me. I love music and sports, I like Bon Jovi and I like Run... I want to travel around world with Run..hehehehehehe....dream came true..(Bebelac...) Maybe someday I can meet with Bon Jovi if he hasn’t passed away yet..heheheehe.  and I can play guitar to accompany him in Concert in New York..hehehe...nonono, I just want to play music and sports to balance, and develop my right and left brain.

Maybe that's my short profile for all. For the details, you can ask me. Thank you. I hope it can motivate people who read it.

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