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Welcome to our blog. In this post we will give the reason of choosing group name which is We Need Money.

Well, our group was made spontaneously but that doesn't mean that our group didn't have a reason why we chose that name. We absolutely we have a reason why we chose We Need Money as the name of our group beside it's cool name (or so we thought).

The reason why we chose "We Need Money" as the name of group is because we understand that money is one of the essential things in business. In running a business or company, we need to use money. Without money, the business or company would not run very well.

As now we're learning about Finance Management, and we understand that money is an essential thing in business. In this chance, we want to learn more about how useful money is in business. We also want to learn how to handle, and allocate money well and wisely in running a business and company, so we can use the money in our own business or company very well someday for the better future.

(Editor note: it is essentially similar, if not the same, as the meaning of our group's name)

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