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Hey, My name is Patrick Pahala. My friends used to call me Patrick and sometimes they call me Pahala. in Elementary School and Junior High School, mostly my friends called me Pahala. And in High School and University my friends commonly called me Patrick. I come from Belitang, East OKU, South Sumatera. It takes six hours from Palembang (The Capital City of South Sumatera). I was born on March 14 1997 in small village in East OKU that is called Bangun Sari. For my study, I studied at TK Dwi Asih. Then I continued to private school that is named SD Charitas 03. After that I entered public school that is named SMP Negeri 1 Buay Madang Timur. After passed Junior High School period I continued to publick school again, yeah that is SMA Negeri 1 Belitang. And for the next study I studied at University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta.

For my personality I am the person who is eager to achieve what I want. I know, it looks like I am ambitious person but if I have something that I want to reach I will do my best to get that. And I am also the person who is easy going type , I won't do what I don't want or don't need to do but if I need to do it I will make it quick.

For the things I like, I like playing game, playing basketball, playing football and watching movie. In football, I have two clubs which I love so much, those are FC Barcelona and Manchester United. I love Football because of Manchester United but in Grade Sixth at Elementary School I started to like F Barcelona because their style in football was so awesome and in that time they became the winner of UEFA Champions League and they became the first team which be able to get sixthuple (won in six competition in one season), that's very incredible and I got amazed by that. For the Idol in football I like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I know it's weird to like both of them because they are rival in everything in football but honestly I like Football because of Ronaldo too (when he was in Manchaster United) and I also like Lionel Messi's style when he played football.

For the music that I love, I love western music. And the band and musician who I like are Green Day and Owl City. I know their music is in different genre but honestly I like both of them because their songs are cool.

I also have motto in my life, that is "Doing what you Love is the BEST thing ever!!!"

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